Frenchie Zoomies: Why Does Your French Bulldog Get The Crazies?

Frenchie Zoomies

Are Frenchie Zoomies the French Bulldog  version of Wacky Races!

We’ve all seen it – that moment when your normally chilled French Bulldog suddenly spontaneously starts running around the room like a Tasmanian Devil on speed. One minute they’re snoozing on the couch, the next they’re bouncing off the walls in a blur of snorts and frenzied laps around your living room, garden or beach (in our case). These ARE  Frenchie Zoomies, and while they are hilarious, they are totally normal for French Bulldogs.

Frenchie Zoomies Leia Style!

Our Frenchie shows exactly what a Frenchie Zoomie is on a Welsh beach.

The technical term is “Frenetic Random Activity Periods” (FRAPs) but us bulldog owners prefer the far more descriptive “Frenchie zoomies.”

One of Leia’s most common locations for Zoomies is the garden. She has worked out a figure of eight’track round the garden that she can do at top speed zooming! It is so funny to watch, and it can happen at any time of the day! The bonus is that it wears her out, so it is usually followed by sleep time!

Where does your Frenchie love doing their Zoomies? Please share any pictures or video’s as I am sure our Newsletter community would love to see them.

What do Dog Experts think causes Frenchie Zoomies?

So what exactly causes our Frenchies to go all Looney Tunes on us? Dog experts aren’t 100% sure, but they do believe that there are some common Zoomie triggers including:

  • Pent-Up Energy – Lack of exercise can lead to Frenchie zoomies as your Bulldog looks for an outlet for all that bottled-up energy. But then again, in our experience, Leia could go into Zoomie mode at any time!
  • Excitement – Coming home from work or when you have visitors or there is an excitement that your dog feeds off, can trigger your Frenchie zoomie frenzy!
  • Stress Relief – Believe it or not, zoomies may simply be your dog’s way of shaking off built-up anxiety or nervous energy. Did you know that something as common as bathtime or a vet visit will be the trigger for Frenchie Zoomies?
  • Happiness – Many French Bulldogs do zoomies when they’re happy or excited. It’s just an expression of their contentment and fun nature.

Shall we see some more examples of Frenchie Zoomies?

Here is George doing a huge Frenchie Zoomie around a swimming pool.

This is Bentley The Frenchie going crazy in the garden

And finally, I think Mason takes the award for the longest Zoomie!

If you have some funny Frenchie zoomies videos of you, feel free to share them with us here, and we will include them in a future newsletter.