Speaking Frenchie: A Guide to French Bulldog Talking and What It Means

French Bulldog Talking

Is Your French Bulldog Talking To You? 


Of course, your French Bulldog can’t talk to you, they are a dog!😉

French Bulldog talking is a wonderful thought, isn’t it?  In reality, though they cannot talk in the human sense of the word, although there are owners (like Walter’s owner below), who would argue their French Bulldog is talking to them. A very obvious thing to remind these people is that Frenchies are dogs, so they are dogs so they obviously cannot form words or sentences.

However, all Frenchie owners will definitely relate to the ‘conversation’ I had with Leia below:

However, they can communicate in their own way, primarily through barks, whines, growls, and a range of body language cues. Some French Bulldog talking – like Sunny in the video below – may show a wide range of vocalizations that their owners may interpret as an attempt to ‘talk’ or mimic human speech. This is not talking in the true sense, but many Frenchie owners would have you believe that both they and their dog ‘talk’ to each other every day!

Did you know?
Some French Bulldogs mimic the tone or pitch of their owner’s voice. If you have a high-pitched, excited voice, don’t be surprised to hear your Frenchie respond with a similar sound. It’s like having a conversation with a tiny, four-legged version of yourself!

It’s also important to note that French Bulldogs are known for being particularly expressive. They might use a combination of vocalisations and facial expressions to communicate, making them seem more ‘conversational’ than some other breeds.  

Frenchie owners often become attuned to their dog’s specific sounds and may be able to discern different needs or emotions based on these sounds. For instance, each sound carries its own meaning and context. The ‘yip’ often signifies excitement or a desire to play, while a deep-throated gargle might express mild annoyance or impatience. The yawning sound, which is quite unique to the breed, can indicate either tiredness or, paradoxically, an invitation to engage.

Understanding these nuances can greatly aid in strengthening the bond between a French Bulldog and its owner. Obviously Walter’s owner believes she can reason with him! 🤣 Make sure you sign up for our brilliant weekly newsletter for more of this FrenchieChat fun

Owners who take the time to learn and understand this language can develop a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with their French Bulldog. Whether it’s the unique sound of their bark, the expressiveness of their faces, or their sensitivity to human emotion, French Bulldogs continue to be one of the most engaging and beloved breeds in the canine world.

If you haven’t seen this lovely Frenchie called Sunny before, get ready for a proper chat-fest! It is really like this a French Bulldog talking to you! And if you have pictures or videos of your Frenchie talking and would like to share them with the FrenchieChat audience, we would love to share them with our global community of French Bulldog enthusiasts. Click here to upload them.

A Look Says a Thousand Words

A big part of a French Bulldog talking to you is the look they give you while doing it. One of the most endearing traits of French Bulldogs is their expressive faces. Those big, round eyes and perked ears are highly communicative. Excitement is often displayed with wide-open eyes, while a relaxed state is accompanied by a soft gaze. The positioning of their ears also plays a crucial role – forward when curious or excited, and relaxed or back when calm or submissive.

So Frenchie Speak is so much more than just the noises they make! And that is what makes them so adorable isn’t it?