The Ultimate Guide To French Bulldog Harnesses

french bulldog harnesses

The Ultimate Guide to French Bulldog Harnesses: Styles, Brands, and Durability

French Bulldogs have a unique physique, that requires special consideration when it comes to choosing the right harness. Well-fitted French Bulldog harnesses not only ensure comfort and safety during walks but also help prevent respiratory issues common in brachycephalic breeds such as Frenchies. This comprehensive guide will explore various harness styles, top brands, and durability factors to help you make an informed decision for your beloved Frenchie.

Understanding Different Styles of French Bulldog Harnesses 

Step-in Harnesses

Step-in harnesses are ideal for Frenchies who don’t appreciate items going over their heads. As the name suggests, your dog simply steps into the harness, making it easy to put on and take off. This style is useful for dogs that may be head-shy or anxious about traditional over-the-head harnesses.

K9 Harness

Vest-Style Harnesses

These vest-style harnesses distribute pressure evenly across the chest and back. These are particularly comfortable for Frenchies and come in a variety of stylish designs, like this vibrant pink one.

vest harness

No-Pull Harnesses

For Frenchies prone to pulling, a no-pull harness is an excellent choice. These harnesses typically feature a front leash attachment that turns the dog towards you when they pull, discouraging the behaviour. The Eyein No Pull Dog Harness is a comfortable option with a padded handle for extra control.

Ruff No pull harness

Y-Type Harnesses

Shaped like a ‘Y’, these harnesses are excellent for Frenchies with breathing issues as they don’t put pressure on the throat. They provide a good balance of comfort and control.

y-shape harness

Adventure Harnesses

For active Frenchies, adventure-style harnesses provide extra support and security during outdoor activities. Some have pockets on – this one below has useful velcro patches on the top. 

Adventure Harness


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Top Brands for French Bulldog Harnesses

Several brands have established themselves as leaders in producing high-quality french bulldog harnesses:

  1. Beast & Buckle: Known for their soft padded harnesses with breathable mesh, making them comfortable for Frenchies who tend to overheat. They also donate a percentage of sales to Frenchie rescue efforts.
  2. Ruffwear: Frequently praised for durability and comfort. Their Front Range Harness and Web Master Harness are popular among French Bulldog owners. We are huge fans of Ruffwear harnesses and you see one on our Frenchie, Leia, in the main picture.
  3. DJANGO: Produces harnesses with premium neoprene and a soft polyester sports mesh lining, designed to be lightweight and breathable.
  4. Puppia: Receives positive recommendations from French Bulldog owners for their comfortable and stylish designs.
  5. BARKBAY: Their No-Pull Dog Harness is highlighted as a top choice for French Bulldogs, offering comfort, durability, and safety features.
  6. Kurgo: Specializes in rugged and versatile harnesses, using durable materials like nylon and metal hardware.
  7. EzyDog: Known for using high-quality materials such as neoprene and nylon in their harnesses, providing durability without compromising comfort.
  8. Julius-K9: Offers robust harnesses designed with working dogs in mind, featuring heavy-duty buckles and adjustable straps.

Durability Factors

When choosing a durable harness for a French Bulldog, consider the following factors:

  • Double-stitched seams
  • Reinforced stitching in critical areas
  • Sturdy metal hardware rather than plastic
  • High-quality materials like neoprene mesh or lightweight Oxford fabric

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Key Considerations When Choosing French Bulldog Harnesses

  1. Breathability: Given Frenchies’ tendency to overheat, look for harnesses made with breathable materials.
  2. Adjustability: Frenchies can vary in size, so adjustable harnesses with quick-release buckles are crucial for ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.
  3. Fit: Always measure your Frenchie carefully and consult size guides. A properly fitting harness is essential for your Frenchie’s comfort and safety.
  4. Lifestyle: Consider your Frenchie’s activity level and choose a harness that suits their needs, whether it’s for casual walks or more adventurous outings.
  5. Comfort: Look for harnesses with padding in key areas to prevent chafing and discomfort.

french bulldog harnesses

The best harness for your French Bulldog is one that fits well, doesn’t restrict movement or breathing, and suits your dog’s lifestyle and personality. With the right harness, you and your Frenchie can enjoy safe, comfortable, and stylish walks together.

It would be great to understand which harness you choose to use on your Frenchie. Is there a good one that isn’t listed here? If so please share below in the comments.

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