What Are The French Bulldog Colours

French Bulldog colours

How many French Bulldog colours are there?

The simple answer is many! The standard French Bulldog colours encompass cream, white, brindle, fawn, and various combinations of brindle, fawn, and white. But what about the rarer colours? The unique and less common French Bulldog colours feature solid black, blue, lilac, platinum, as well as chocolate. Additionally, distinctive patterns such as tan and merle mark the breed’s rare colour spectrum.

Recognised French Bulldog Colours

The Kennel Club in the UK and other canine organisations around the world recognise certain colours for French Bulldogs, each with its own appeal:


Brindle French Bulldog colour
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A Brindle French Bulldog is a mix of black with lighter colours, ranging from tan to cream, Brindle Frenchies exhibit a coat that looks somewhat marbled. This traditional colour is highly appreciated for its striking appearance.


fawn french bulldog colour
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Fawn French Bulldogs have a warm, beige to golden coat, which can range from light to dark shades. Their uniform colouring is accentuated with a darker mask, adding to their distinctive look, as can be seen in this picture above


pied french bulldog colour
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Pied  French Bulldogs have a predominantly white coat with large patches of darker colour, typically brindle or fawn. In the picture above, we have a black and white Pied Frenchie. This contrast gives them a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.

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Less Common French Bulldog Colours

Beyond the standard colours, French Bulldogs can sport a variety of less common coat colours. These hues, while not always recognised by traditional canine organisations, are sought after by many Frenchie enthusiasts:


blue french bulldog colour
Blue French Bulldogs have a coat that appears grey due to a dilution of the black hair gene. This gives them a striking, soft blue-grey appearance that has captured the hearts of many fans.


chocolate frenchie colour
Chocolate French Bulldogs possess a rich, deep brown coat, a result of a rare gene that dilutes the black pigment. Their enchanting colour is often complemented by captivating golden eyes – although, sadly, not in the picture above.


lilac French Bulldog
Image credit
Lilac French Bulldogs exhibit a unique blend of blue and chocolate, giving them a stunning, iridescent coat that seems to change hue in different lighting. This rare colour is a true showstopper. They are genuinely stunning when you meet one of these Frenchies on a walk.

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cream french bulldog colour
Cream French Bulldogs have a soft, pale coat that ranges from ivory to light beige. This elegant French Bulldog colour is uniform across the body, giving these Frenchies a serene and graceful appearance.

Black and Tan

black and tan french bulldog colour

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This French Bulldog showcases a predominantly black coat, adorned with select tan markings across the chest, neck, ears, and face, crafting a stunning black and tan combination. The presence and extent of tan markings on a Frenchie can differ significantly. Furthermore, the intensity of these markings ranges from a soft light brown to a rich dark brown. While not completely black, this specific coat colour is less commonly found. 


black french bulldog colour

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The black French Bulldog, with their sleek, ebony coat, embodies a classic elegance that captivates people at first sight. This uniform, deep black hue covers the entirety of the dog, from the tips of their ears down to their tail, presenting a striking silhouette that is both bold and beautiful. Unlike other more common or patterned varieties, the black French Bulldog offers a sense of mystique and sophistication.


white french bulldog colour

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The white French Bulldog radiates a pure and striking beauty that is both eye-catching and serene. These Frenchies are white from head to paw, offering a contrast that is as elegant as it is simple. The white coat shines brightly, reflecting light and really making an impact. You won’t see many of these pure white out and about though.

Rare and Exotic French Bulldog Colours

The quest for uniqueness has led to the emergence of rare and exotic French Bulldog colours. While these colours can be mesmerising, potential owners should proceed with caution, as health and welfare should always come first:


merle french bulldog colour
Merle French Bulldogs display a mottled pattern of dark patches against a lighter background. This striking pattern is due to a genetic trait that also affects eye colour, often resulting in blue or odd-coloured eyes. These spots or markings can come in a wide range of colours like tan, black, lilac, and blue.


Isabella french bulldog colour
The Isabella French Bulldog stands out as a distinct and coveted colour variation within the French Bulldog breed. Characterized by their unique fawn-looking coat with a hint of blue-grey, Isabella French Bulldogs are instantly identifiable with their pale lavender coat and cherished by dog enthusiasts globally. This rare colour is highly prized and often comes with a very hefty price tag!
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There are Health Considerations with Different Colours

When admiring the vast array of French Bulldog colours, it’s crucial to consider the health implications that some colours may carry. For instance, the merle gene can be associated with hearing and vision problems if not bred responsibly. Similarly, the dilute colours (like blue and lilac) can be linked to skin conditions such as Color Dilution Alopecia. It’s important to choose a reputable breeder who prioritises health over colour and conducts appropriate health testing.

Which French Bulldog Colour is for you?

The French Bulldog’s palette is as diverse as it is beautiful, offering something for every taste and preference. Whether you’re drawn to the classic elegance of brindle and fawn or the exotic allure of lilac and merle, these charming canines are bound to steal your heart with their colourful coats and endearing personalities. However, while colour can be a fun factor to consider, remember that health, temperament, and compatibility with your lifestyle should always be the top priorities when welcoming a French Bulldog into your family.


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