What is The Cost of French Bulldog Insurance?

french bulldog insurance

 French Bulldog Insurance: Navigating Costs Across the UK, US, Australia, and Europe

French bulldogs, with their distinctive bat-like ears and amiable dispositions, have seen a surge in popularity across the world including countries such as the UK, US, Australia, and Europe. Known for their companionship qualities and suitability for a variety of living situations, these dogs have equally become known for potential health issues that could lead to expensive veterinary bills. Consequently, pet insurance for French bulldogs isn’t just an additional expense; it’s a crucial consideration for current and prospective owners keen on safeguarding against the financial strain of unexpected medical costs.

In the UK, for example, the cost of pet insurance for a French bulldog can vary widely based on coverage options such as vet fees, liability insurance, and overseas travel protection. The expenses correlate with the breed’s susceptibility to various hereditary conditions and the high demand for veterinary services. In other countries, like the US and Australia, the pet insurance market offers diverse coverage plans that may cover accidents, illnesses, and even routine health care, reflecting the specific needs of French bulldog owners within those regions.

Just by way of comparison – our monthly Insurance (UK) cost for our French Bulldog is more than our SUV car 😯

Owners should understand that while insurance policies can offer peace of mind, the level of cover, exclusions, and cost can vary between insurers and countries. Therefore, thoroughly researching and comparing policies becomes a pivotal step in finding the right insurance for a French bulldog, ensuring one is well-versed in the terms and benefits before making a commitment. With the right insurance, owners can enjoy their time with their beloved Frenchies, confident in their ability to provide for their pet’s well-being.

TIP: speak to other members of whichever Frenchie community are in, in your country/region for the best provider. Timing and location play a huge part in premium numbers, and as always shop around. 

french bulldog insurance

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Understanding French Bulldog Insurance

Navigating the intricacies of French bulldog insurance is crucial for owners to ensure their pet’s health needs are met without unexpected financial strain. Owning a French Bulldog is a joy, but their charm comes with potential health concerns and this translates to higher insurance costs compared to other breeds. 

Factors to Consider When Selecting French Bulldog Insurance

Pet’s Age and Health: The age and current health of your French Bulldog can significantly impact the cost of insurance. Younger dogs may have lower premiums, but starting insurance early can ensure coverage for future illnesses. Conversely, older Frenchies or those with existing health conditions may face higher premiums or exclusions.

Coverage Scope: Insurance policies vary greatly. Look for ones that cover genetic conditions common in French Bulldogs, like brachycephalic syndrome, as well as routine care, accident expenses, and the cost of prescriptions.

Policy Limits: Assess the annual, lifetime, and per-condition limits of any insurance policy. French Bulldogs may need significant vet care throughout their lifespan, so a policy with high or no limits can provide peace of mind.

Excess: This is the amount you’ll pay out-of-pocket before insurance kicks in. A lower excess can increase premiums, but it could be more manageable for unexpected vet bills.

Reputation and Reviews: Research the insurer’s reputation for customer service and claims handling. Opt for providers with transparent terms and positive feedback from Frenchie owners.

Specialised Plans: Some insurers offer plans catering to the unique needs of companion dogs like French Bulldogs, focusing on breed-specific conditions.

Customer Ratings and Feedback: Insurance providers with excellent customer reviews tend to be reliable choices. Look for feedback specifically from French Bulldog owners to gauge the appropriateness of the insurance for your pet.

Comparing Quotes: Obtain pet insurance quotes from multiple providers to compare cover and cost. This will help you find the best pet insurance for French Bulldogs, factoring in everything from exercise needs to potential dietary restrictions due to allergies.

Added Benefits: Insurers may offer benefits like multi-pet discounts or complimentary services that could influence your decision, especially if you have more than one pet at home.

Selecting the right insurance for your French Bulldog boils down to understanding the breed’s needs and finding a policy that offers comprehensive cover for its lifetime. With the right insurance in place, French Bulldog owners can ensure their companion dogs receive the best possible care while managing the financial aspect of veterinary expenses.

Why is French Bulldog Insurance So Expensive?

Several factors contribute to their higher premiums:

  • Brachycephalic Syndrome: Flat faces can lead to breathing difficulties, requiring expensive treatments or surgeries like BOAS.
  • Skin Allergies: Frenchies are prone to skin sensitivities, necessitating frequent vet visits and specialised food.
  • Eye Issues: Cherry eye, entropion, and cataracts are common concerns, often requiring surgical interventions.
  • Joint Problems: Hip dysplasia and luxating patellas are prevalent, potentially leading to costly surgeries.
  • Back Problems: Intervertebral disc disease can lead to significant veterinary costs.

Understanding Your Options:

Before diving into specific costs, let’s explore the insurance options available:

  • Comprehensive Cover: This typically includes treatment for accidents, illnesses, and sometimes even hereditary conditions.
  • Accident-only: A more basic option, which covers injuries sustained from accidents but not illness.
  • Exclusions: Common for pre-existing conditions or specific breed-related issues.
  • Deductibles: The amount the policyholder must pay before the insurance kicks in.
  • Liability Cover: This protects against costs associated with the dog causing injury or damage to third parties or property.

TIP: Not all comprehensive coverage for French Bulldog insurances has the same top cover – so check it out as some of the potential operations – specifically spine related can get very expensive if needed, due to the high level of care required.

Comparing French Bulldog Insurance Costs Across Continents:

When writing this, I wanted to provide some context to the different insurance costs across different countries around the world. Here’s a glimpse into average monthly premiums for accident-only and lifetime coverage in four different regions:


Accident-only (Young Frenchie)

Lifetime (Young Frenchie)










Europe (France)



Please remember: These are just averages, and your actual cost will depend on several factors:

  • Your Frenchie’s age and health: Younger, healthier dogs have lower premiums.
  • Your location: Costs vary by region and even within countries.
  • Your chosen coverage: Accident-only is cheaper than lifetime, but offers less protection.
  • Your deductible: Higher deductibles lower premiums, but you’ll pay more upfront for claims.
  • The insurance company: Compare quotes from multiple providers to find the best value.

Some Real Cost Examples:

To illustrate, here are some real-life examples:

  • UK: A 2-year-old Frenchie in London with lifetime coverage, a £500 deductible, and 90% reimbursement.
  •  Might pay £85 per month


  • US: A 4-year-old Frenchie in New York with accident-only coverage, a $250 deductible, and 70% reimbursement.
  •  Might pay $45 per month


  • Australia: A 1-year-old Frenchie in Sydney with lifetime coverage, an AU$1,000 deductible, and 80% reimbursement.
  •  Might pay AUS$ 120 per month


Where to Get French Bulldog Insurance

Several reputable insurance companies offer Frenchie-specific plans. Here are a few examples:


  • Read the fine print carefully: Understand exclusions and limitations before purchasing a policy.
  • Shop around and compare quotes: Don’t settle for the first offer you see.
  • Consider your budget and needs: Choose a plan that fits your financial situation and Frenchie’s health risks.
  • Update your policy as your Frenchie ages: Their needs and risks change over time.

While French Bulldog insurance is more expensive than average, it’s a valuable investment for their well-being and your financial peace of mind. By understanding your options, comparing costs, and choosing the right plan, you can ensure your beloved Frenchie receives the best care possible without breaking the bank.

I hope this comprehensive guide empowers you to make informed decisions about French Bulldog insurance. Remember, your furry friend deserves the best, and responsible pet ownership starts with proper insurance coverage.